Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hasta luego!

I'm all packed and ready for Spain!

I leave tomorrow (aaaahhhh) and will be returning home early July.

As soon as I find an apartment and get settled in I'll try to find some craft stores and keep my blog updated!

Monday, September 5, 2011

DIY Travel Blanket

While shopping for stuff I need for my trip to Spain I saw this travel blanket at REI and I realized that a travel blanket would be a nice thing to have. Not wanting to spend $30, I decided to make my own.

Grey fleece (2 yards. Cost: $8.98)
Velcro (6 inches. Cost: $1)
Black ribbon (2 yards. Cost: 1.98)

I trimmed the edges and then cut 1 foot off of one side - keeping the length at 2 yards.
Next I added a pocket at the bottom for my feet. This way if I'm using it on an airplane or wherever, I can put my feet into the warm pocket instead of having them on the cold floor. To make the pocket folded the bottom edge up 13 inches, pinned and sewed the edges.
After sewing the two sides, I flipped it right-side out and then sewed a straight line down the middle (you can see where I sewed in the above photo with the pins).

Using the extra material that I cut off of one side, I cut two 9 by 8 inch pieces for the pockets.
 I sewed the velcro onto the pockets...
...and then I sewed the pockets onto the blanket. I sewed one on each side - a foot or so from the top of the blanket. After sewing the pockets on I put on the other piece of velcro and sewed it to the blanket.
The original blanket folded up into a pocket but I decided I'd rather roll mine and tie it with the ribbon. This way I can shape it to fit in my luggage, Either I can fold it up and tie it or roll it very tightly.

Some close up shots of the finished blanket.

I put the pockets on the inside of the blanket. This way I can put anything small (A phone, keys, etc) into the pockets and not have to worry about anyone taking them. Not that that will be a problem...sometimes I can be paranoid. :-/ Since I will be using this blanket when I stay at hostels it will be nice to have the pockets to keep anything secure and with me.
What the pockets look like on the outside of the blanket.
 Another photo of the pocket.
The foot pocket:
The foot pockets are my favourite part of the blanket. I've been using it just to sit on the sofa in our basement because it's so comfy and my feet are nice and warm.

I'll definitely get a ton of use out of this blanket and as a bonus it was cheap and quick to make. 

I didn't get a picture of it rolled up with the ribbon tied around it but it rolls up pretty small and I don't think I'll have any problem fitting it into my carry-on bag.


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