Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Decorations!

Christmas is my all time favourite holiday and I love decorating for it! I was excited to decorate our casa this year.

Here are the decorations in our living room - it usually has red and blue accents but for Christmas I just took out the blue accents and added green.

I bought red and green ornaments at the dollar store and put them in an extra vase that we had. The red vase was already in the room and I removed the blue vases that had been on the table and put a green vase on it.

 I bought the green and red tea light candle holders at Target for $1 - there are usually red and blue candle holders. The nativity set is a set that my godparents bought for me - they get me a new piece each year.

We don't have a fireplace so we bough a stocking holder - we purchased this one. I bought the big felt ornaments at the dollar store. I also bought four little ornaments that we put in the corners of the small windows but I put them up after taking this photo.

I put felt ornaments in the upstairs dormer window and the front bedroom window as well. They look really nice from the outside and can even be seen behind the closed curtain in the living room.

I'll end my post with some Christmas cookies!

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  1. This is my daughters adorable house, I love it!!!



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