Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I saw this hamper on and decided to make one.

We don't have room for a hamper anywhere in our bedroom and have been putting our dirty clothes in a hamper in the guest bedroom...which is annoying. This idea is perfect because it can hang on the back of our door and won't take up any room.

-Pillow case (I bought 3 at a thrift store for under $2)
-Embroidery hoop, 10'' diameter (from the thrift store - 39 cents)
-Fabric scraps

I decided to add two straps to hang my mine from since I didn't think one strap would be strong enough. We also already had two hooks on the back of our bedroom door so that worked out well.

I cut the material to make the straps. I used t-shirt material from my box of scrap material.

Then I sewed the ends together to make a loop. I overlapped the material by one inch.
I wasn't too concerned about the look but wanted the straps to be strong so I sewed three lines.
I put the loops around the embroidery hoop and put the hoop on the pillow case.
Then I hung it up!

Now we won't have our dirty clothes living in the guest room and have a nice, out of the way, hamper in our room. :-)

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