Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

The weather is getting nice and it's starting to feel like Spring is finally here! We moved into our house at the end of the summer last year so we weren't sure what kinds of plants were planted outside.

We say some green leaves start to come up in the back and were excited to see a daffodil start to bloom.

When I went to check the mail yesterday I even noticed some flowers coming up in the front yard - around the base of a tree. I'm not sure what type of flower this is but i love the purple colour.

I'm excited to see what other types of plants and flowers start to grow.

Last year we hung out on our deck a lot (ate dinner on the deck, read books, relaxed, etc.) but we didn't have any patio furniture. We usually just brought out blankets or our card table/chairs. We decided we needed to buy something right away this year.

I love just laying out on the deck so joked that I just wanted a bed for the patio. We were at the store and found a comfortable swing. N was looking at it and realized it folded down into a bed! We bought it and N is working on putting it together.

We've had quite a few bees flying around so I bought a bee trap to hang by the flowers and hopefully keep the bees away from the deck. We'll see how well it works.

 Well I'm off to dye Easter eggs (I'll post pictures soon!). I hope you all have a great Easter.


  1. Happy Easter to you too! Nice daffodils ours aren't up yet :( btw, the purple flowers are crocus!

  2. Thanks!We've been trying to figure out what type of flower they are. :-)



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