Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New shelves = organized office supplies

Near our office area in the basement we have this cabinet.
We've never really understood the point of it so it's been empty since we moved it. When we toured the house and opened it in just had a telephone book in it - so apparently the previous owners didn't put it to good use either. It's just an empty cupboard with a plug in and a phone jack.
Our desks were getting out of control with office supplies everywhere so I decided we were going to make use of the random cabinet space.

We measure the inside and went to Home Depot. We bought a piece of wood and metal brackets.
N did all of the cutting (and he did most all of the work).

N put the brackets in - two on each side.
We made sure that the shelves fit before we painted them white.
Then N painted the shelves white (we had a random can of white paint) and painted on a clear glossy coat and then put the shelves in!
I was super impressed with what a good job N did.  And now instead of an empty cabinet we have something useful. :-)

Then I filled it with office supplies!
We placed the shelves so that we that the battery charger would fit plugged in.
We had a few random boxes that I used (the clear and blue containers are from Ikea) and I also made a bunch of origami boxes out of thick card stock. They worked perfect and are filled with rubber bands, binder clips, thumb tacks and paper clips. I think I might make labels for the boxes.

This is a blurry picture but you can see two boxes in the corner. The stacks of paper are scraps of paper with "Notes" and "To Do" for notes. I keep a stack of each on my desk and use them constantly - I just printed on the backs of used paper and cut the pages into fourths.

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  1. U and N are so amazingly organized! I love it! (what a cool cabinet to find in your house and even cooler super use!) Sure beats a dumb junk drawer any day!



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