Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bowl of Paz-ta

I love painting pottery (at places where you paint pre-made pieces and they put it in the kiln for you) but have never actually loved the end product - my creative skills are lacking in the painting area. However, I went with a friend a while ago and am super happy with the results.

Since I'm so proud of the bowl (though it's nothing original...) I thought I'd share it on here. As of now I have it sitting on my kitchen table. I'm not sure where it'll end up but I think I'll keep it out; maybe I can put fruit in it.

I'm glad it turned out - it was pretty questionable for a while. After painting on two layers of light grey and speckling the bowl with dark grey I noticed a few area that needed to be touched up. Without thinking I grabbed a grey, touched up a few areas....and realized I'd painted with the dark grey.

Dios mio!

Three layers of light grey later I finally covered up my mistake and added more speckles. I was worried the dark areas would show through after it went through the kiln but luckily they did not.

(side note. Paz means peace in Spanish - knowing that might help the title of this post mildly amusing make sense. Though I'm not even going to use the bowl for pasta so I suppose it doesn't really make much sense anyways.... )

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