Thursday, August 5, 2010

Working On: T-Shirt Rug

I decided to try my hand at a latch hook rug made out of t-shirts. I have spent many many evenings watching cutting up white t-shirts - about 30 t-shirts....and I still need more. :-\

A few of the t-shirts were purchased at a garage sale or thrift store for fifty to seventy-five cents a shirt but luckily most of them have been free. I had a few white shirts that I never wear (think ugly promotional shirts - white with a huge logo) and I got a bag of free shirts from a lady off of craigslist (thank you random lady and craigslist!). Most of these seemed to be shirts from soccer camp or various other soccer events. Apparently that family likes soccer. :-)

Here is a picture of the cut up shirts so far - hopefully I'll get more shirts soon and can continue onto part two of my rug - dying the material.

The t-shirts are being cut into one by four inch strips.

Can you guess how many strips I have? About 5,700! I'm not sure how many more I'll need since I haven't decided how big the rug will be.

I'll post an update after I get further along....right now it's just a slow process of obtaining and cutting up shirts.


  1. Good luck with this project! I've been working on knitting a tshirt rug since the begining of the summer. =/ is all I can do at this moment. I'm sure it'll all be worth it when it's done.

  2. I still have the white t-shirt pillow cases for you! Remind me if you come up or I come down! - mom



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