Monday, August 23, 2010

Spoon Hooks

A few weeks ago a friend and I saw hooks made out of silverware flattened, bent and nailed to a piece of wood. We were inspired and decided to see if we could recreate the look.

I didn't take photos as we made them (I have a habit of forgetting my camera...) but I have photos of the end project and the "how to" is pretty straightforward.

-Spoon (purchased at a thrift store for 99 cents each)
-Paint (purchased at Michael's for under $2)
-Wooden squares (purchased at Michael's for under $1 each)
-Hammer and/or rubber mallet

First I'll show you finished project so you can see what I'm talking about as I go through the steps.

We put a towel down on the cement outside and started hammering away to flatten the spoon. I tried a rubber mallet at first but a regular hammer ended up working the best.

Here you can see the two flattened spoons.

Then the spoon handle was put over a bar on K's chain-linked fence and was pounded down (this time with the rubber mallet) until it looked like a hook.

To get the nails through the spoon we drilled two small holes with a regular drill bit and then just pounded the nails in so that the spoon was attached to the wood block. As you can see I painted the wood (purchased at Michael's for eighty-nine cents) red.

I haven't figured out where I'm going to hang them yet but here is an "awesome" shot of me awkwardly holding up the hook so you can see how it would look if I had actually hung it up and hung a towel on it. :-) (and apparently this photo is pretty blurry. Lo siento! I didn't realize until I posted it. I think it still gets the idea across so I probably won't retake it)

P.S. You can check out my friend's blog to see her spoon hooks.



  1. Woot woot! We rock at spoon hooks, and thanks for the shout out :-) Let me know when you and N decide how to hang them, since L and I haven't figured it out yet...

  2. I like these! They would look great in my kitchen...I'll have to make some now. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  3. Awesome! I have some old spoons and I was trying to think what to do with them. Now I know, thanks! Just found your blog on Shanty2Chics party.

  4. Always wondered how to create the "hook"...I'll have to try this...well done

  5. This is officially cool! TGood job! hanks for sharing! Paula from Idaho

  6. love these, I'm definitely going to be making some for myself soon!!! I'm featuring this project in a post tomorrow on feel free to grab our "I was featured" button!



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