Monday, July 18, 2011

Air Mail Curtain

I've been slowly working on my air mail curtain and am happy to say that it is done and I love how it turned out! Painting is not a skill I possess and is something I usually avoid doing (I even avoid just painting rooms in our casa) so I was very happy with the curtain. I only messed up the paint on one spot and, of course, it happened at the very end. N tells me no one will notice and I pretend to believe him. :-)

A while ago I posted about making the drop cloth curtain. For a recap, here is what it looked like before I painted it. As you'll notice in the end photos, the light doesn't shine through the curtain as much. We had thermal curtains that we used before so I used them as lining for the air mail curtain.
I thought that painting it to look like an air mail envelope might look neat. And if least it'd be unique?

I created an image in PowerPoint.
Image details: 
The font I used is Fountain Pen Frenzy (which you can get for free on

The stamp was drawn by my ever-so-amazing mate. I found an image of a stamp with Queen Isabela on it and knew that there was no way I could paint that. I tried to change it in photoshop to a more drawable image but it wasn't working out. N offered to draw the stamp in a way that I could actually paint. I took him up on the offer and he came up with this.

Original stamp -----------------> Our stamp

(as you can see in the final curtain I did not paint the line under espaƱa or the lines around correos)

We taped the curtain to the wall, set up the projector and began to trace everything. We used a red coloured pencil for the red lines, a blue pencil for the blue lines and a regular pencil for the black lines.

Then I clamped it to a table and began to paint.
 And paint.
 And paint.
After days of painting (I had to let one area dry before painting another are so I was only able to do a section at a time) I finished!

As soon as the paint dried we bought it to the kitchen and hung it up. I love how it turned out and think it looks great in the kitchen.

All of the hard work and stressful painting = worth it! 
Close up details.
More photos of the completed curtain!

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  1. Very cute! That was a major accomplishment to get that done but it sure was worth it!




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