Friday, June 17, 2011

Drop Cloth Curtain

On the sliding door in our kitchen we've had randomly purchased thermal curtain hung on a crappy curtain rod. I've been meaning to fix this for a while and finally am getting around to it.

Since we always pushed the other two curtains to one side (towards the wall) I thought that instead of having two curtains it'd be better to just have one. Since I doubt stores sell curtains that wide I bought a drop cloth and made my own. It was pretty cheap (the drop cloth was $20 and I have plenty of material left for future things) and easy. 

1 drop cloth

N hung up the track. We had to buy two and trim one down. 
After the track was hung we measured how big the curtain would need to be. It ended up being 98 inches by 33 inches. 

We laid the curtain on the floor, measured and cut.
I only had to cut to two sides so I didn't have too much sewing to do. I made sure that the hem on the cut sides matched what was already sewn and pinned the material.
Then I sewed the edges. The sewing was definitely the quickest and easiest part.  

The curtain is sewn and hung up! When I bought the drop cloth I was expecting it to be one big piece. Unfortunately it was two pieces sewn together with a seam in the middle. I decided that if I leave the seam at the bottom of the curtain it will look okay. Once I line the curtain it might be a little less noticeable....
The sewing is done but I'm not done with the curtain. I had a crazy idea to paint it to look like an old airmail envelope. Feel free to give this idea the side eye - I'm not really sure how it will turn out...:-\

I have the curtain designed and now we need to trace it onto the curtain (using our projector), paint it...and find time to do all of this. It might be a while but as soon as it's finished I promise to post photos. 

update: I painted the curtain! You can see the final curtain here

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