Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Craft: Leg warmers

I wear leg warmers almost daily during the winter. I have a few pairs but they are all black and/or grey. I wanted a something with colour to wear with skirts and boots. I dug through my stack of clothes that I don't wear anymore and found this shirt. I thought the sleeves would work for the leg warmers and I could even use the lace around the collar to go at the top and make them dressier.

I made sure that the sleeves fit around my leg - they did. Perfect.

I cut the sleeves off of the shirt - right at the top seam. The nice thing about using sleeves is that I only had to sew on one end - the seam on the bottom was already finished and they were already sewn together to go around my leg.

I cut the uneven edges off and made sure they were both the same length.

Then I got to work getting the lace off of the shirt. This was definitely the most time consuming part

I wrapped the elastic around my leg to figure out how long it needed to be and trimmed both pieces down to the right size.

I flipped the sleeves inside out and pinned on the elastic.I lined the top of the elastic up with the top of the fabric.

Then I sewed on the elastic.

I realized I didn't have matching thread to sew on the ribbon so that will have to wait until I have time to go to the store.

I added the buttons - three to each leg warmer.

Then I tried them out with my boots!

I love how they turned out and I'll post an updated photo as soon as I add the lace - probably sometime this weekend.

Supplies: Old shirt, elastic, sewing machine, seam ripper, scissors, needle and thread, six buttons (from an old shirt).
Cost: less than $4 (thread)


  1. These are very cute! I would have never thought of using sleeves for legwarmers. Great idea!

  2. Thanks Jennifer - the nice thing about using sleeves is that I only needed to sew one end. :-)

  3. Super cute! I love the buttons :-)

  4. Cute! I'm posting a toddler leg warmers tutorial this week from knee socks, we must be on the same page :).

  5. Cute! The buttons are such a nice touch.

  6. Those are super super cute. Love that little touch with the buttons.

  7. Very creative! I love reuse projects like this.

  8. Those are adorable! Love that idea, truly trash to treasure! thanks for linking up.

  9. I love this idea. My grandsons are playing soccier right now. Last night I had to sit in 40 degree weather watching them. I am going to make some of these for me and my daughter:)



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