Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Craft: Valentine's Day Candle Wraps

After putting away my my Christmas candle wraps I decided to make some for Valentine's day. I plan on putting them on our dinner table as decoration for a romantic dinner. :-)

Supplies: Paper, scissors, tape, battery operated tea-lights, paper cutter
Cost: $0 (I already had the tea-lights and paper)
I printed the design onto regular office paper (a PDF to download the candle wrap design and the tutorial in a pdf can be found at the bottom of this post)

I cut the paper in half.
I trimmed the white edge off of the top.
Then I cut at the top of each border. With each page you are able to make six candle wraps.
Next I wrapped one paper around the candle I was using to get the exact size I needed for the wrap. I used basic battery operated tea-lights and trimmed each wrap down to 4 1/2'' long.
This step can be skipped. If you want you can just wrap the candle and tape (on the inside) the paper. You will end up with a small overlap.
If you trim the paper down to the exact size it will look like this.
After trimming down the paper, wrap it around the candle and tape the edges on the inside. I usually used three small pieces of tape - one for the top, middle and bottom.

After taping it will look like this:
The inside will look like this.
The finished project!
Here are some close-up photos (shows front and back). The first two have the candles turned on, the second two have the candles turned off.


You can download a PDF for the designs here:
Valentine's Day Candle Wraps 1
Valentine's Day Candle Wraps 2
Valentine's Day Candle Wraps 3

PDF Tutorial

*The images for the candle wraps are from Microsoft Clipart*


  1. I love these! Thanks

  2. Did you get a new paper cutter? I'm glad to see that this one is working much better than the last one :-)

  3. Kate - I returned the crappy one and got a new one. So if you ever need to use a paper cutter you know where to find me. :-)

  4. Very cute! I love that you can change them for each holiday!

  5. What a creative idea this is. They can also be changed out with the seasons. Love this.

  6. Those are too cute! Kudos to you for jumping into Valentine's decorating already. I'm still overwhelmed by Christmas :).

  7. Congrats on being featured on One Pretty Thing!

  8. So pretty!
    Sorry I am so late. As it ended up, we did have a (6 hour) 2AM-8Am stint in the ER with my son. Praise God, all is ok. But,it's taken me some time to recover from being up all night. Alas, I am late in getting around to everyone this week. My apologies.
    Sincere thanks for linking up to Tales from Bloggeritville Thrifty Thursday!

    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  9. What a fun project. Thanks for the pdf!

  10. That is SO cute!Those little battery candles are not the most attractive-nice solution!

  11. Very cute and look easy to do. Thanks!
    Cindy at Lakewood

  12. Jessika,
    Super cute! So perfect for v-day!
    happy crafting,



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