Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Craft: Cards

I started making some cards to go in my magazine envelopes that I just made (see previous post). I'm hoping to get some time to make more this weekend though that might not happen. Whenever I get time I'll be sure to post picture.

Supplies: card stock, stamps, magazines, shape templates

I had card stock that was 8 1/2'' x 11''. I cut each piece in half (8 1/2'' by 5' 1/2'') and then folded that paper in 1/2. It fit perfect in the envelopes that I made. I used a bone folder to score and fold the card stock.

I printed out various shapes on card stock and cut them out. I'm trying to think of more shapes - any suggestions? I'm going to try to find a simple tree and bird silhouette.
Then I traced the shapes onto magazine pages and cut them out. I just used double sided tape to tape the shape to the card. I already had alphabet stamps so I used those to stamp words on the insides. I need to get better at stamping the words but I'm happy with how they turned out.



This is my favourite one.

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  1. They are adorable! My favourite is the card with two hearts. :)



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