Monday, February 1, 2010

Craft: Valentine's Day Wall Art

I loved how my Valentine's Day garland and wreath looked so I decided to make another Valentine's Day decoration. In our living room we have a big blank wall that is patiently waiting for us to finish the wall art we plan on hanging. I decided to use that space and try to make a simple, cheap wall art.

Supplies: Card stock, pattern to print (I did sheet music), scissors, tape
Cost: $0  (I already had all of the supplies)

I started off by printing off sheet music. I printed two pages on each 8 1/2'' x 11'' sheet of paper.
Then I found a heart shape that I liked (via google images). I used this heart and edited the biggest heart in paint (very sophisticated...) so that I just had the outline. I made the outline light grey. I printed the hearts on the back of the sheet music - I was able to fit two hearts on each page of music so since there are two pages of music per sheet I was able to fit four hearts on each 8 1/2'' x 11'' page. I also printed out one red heart.

I cut out the hearts by hand - I'm very jealous of people with cricuts or other similar machines that do it for you. :-)
I had originally planned on just taping the hearts to the wall (I was going for very simple wall art) but decided it might look neat if the hearts stood a little bit off of the wall. To do this I cut out strips of paper that were 3.5'' long and 1/2'' wide. I folded the strips of paper so that it would create a little square - each side was 3/4'' long and there was a 1/2'' overlap on one end - where I taped the square together. 

Does that make sense? no? Here's a picture that might help explain it. 
I printed the outline with the folding lines (light grey) onto card stock and cut them out.
I folded all of the strips of paper and taped them together.
Then I taped them to the backs of the hearts.
All of the hearts.
I laid the hearts on the floor to figure out the layout. I didn't keep track of how many hearts I made but when I decided to make 8 rows of 8 I magically had the exact number of hearts needed. :-)
Then I started the slow process of taping them all to the wall. I used a level to make sure the first row was straight and for the other rows I ued a mix of the level and just eyeing it.

All done!
(please ignore the cushions - we're working on making new covers but have yet to find a fabric we like)
A close up of the "3-D action"

I think it turned out great. It'll stay up until we finally finish the frames we are making for the ceiling tiles that we will hang on this wall.

After I take them down they'll be carelfully packed away until next Valentine's Day.

N liked this project and decided to make his own version for the basement.
(dark basements aren't the best for photos...)
Any Zelda fans? :-)

PDF Tutorial 

Craftster Best of 2010 Winner




  1. so cute! I'm also jealous of people with circuts.

  2. Very cool. I like how the 3D-ness gives your wall some depth!

  3. Such a wonderful idea. Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. I love the effect, and the color of your walls really makes it pop!

  5. I am so in love with your grey walls. And this project is absolutely lovely. :)

  6. awesome idea. do you mind if i link in my tumblr?

  7. Lovely idea. They look great!

  8. I absolutely love this idea! Thanks for sharing. I have found so many great ideas on just the first page of your blog and can't wait to try them out.

  9. Let's see.... simple, classy, artistic ... I love it! Thanks for sharing! I need to do this. Can't see it happening before Valentine's Day. Hmmmm.... I'll have to work on something. Meanwhile, I've posted a link. I'd love it if you'd share your ideas in my link party at

  10. So cute - the red heart makes all the difference.

  11. Hey there,

    I just popped over from Craftster to check out this tutorial and I'm so glad I did, I really like your blog. Good work and thanks for the awesome idea. :)


    m ^..^

  13. too freakin' cute! I'd like to attempt, however I think I would get bored after cutting out 3 of the hearts. I want a cricut too. Wah!

  14. That is so cool! I love it! It turned out AMAZING!

    ps - love the Zelda hearts... my hubby is a big fan too!

  15. Just loved this project - got here from Craftster. I think I might have to do a version of this for my daughter's room (5). Kinda wish I had the room in the living room for it!

  16. That turned out great! Very creative! You should do butterflies for Spring! ;)
    Nice job!

  17. I love it. I could leave that up all year.

  18. wow! I love that!! and yes you do need a cricut for that many hearts!! Thanks for sharing!

  19. I just wanted you to know that I featured you here:

    : )

  20. Hello, I really like this job and I thought I'd share with my readers. I hope you do not mind! (If you leave me a comment and I will remove it). Thank you! Here is the link where it is entered:

    Regards, Beta

  21. I love this! Found it on Craftster--linking from my blog (

  22. I just finished putting them up on my bedroom wall! Thankyou so much for the great tute and fabulous idea. Pic here;

    (just as a note, I put mine up with thumbtacks!)

    Cheers! Emma

  23. adorable! just know that what you did is more hard work than having a cricut do it for you so it makes you more awesome. X) I love it and the zelda reference is just so wicked thats cool to :)

  24. This is Amazing! I'm so doing this to my new home!

    I love that it is inexpensive and using stuff you probably already have in the house. It's hard to make cool stuff inexpensively for the house, but this rocks!

  25. How do you ensure the paint doesn't get damaged when removing them? I would worry about that.

  26. I used regular tape to put the hearts on the wall and none of the paint was damaged/came off when I removed the hearts. I might worry if I used something stronger but since I knew they wouldn't be up too long (though they are still up....) I just used regular tape.

  27. I HEART this!! so cool..may have to do one for my heArt studio.


  28. A cheap project but not cheap effect at all!
    I think music sheet is eye catching spot... red heart flows in the melody!!

    I adore this meaningful and easy to do home decor idea!!

  29. This is soooo cute! I love it as a permanent art installation. It makes me look at my walls differently!

  30. i'm going to try and do this in an open frame that i have hanging on the wall....this is brilliant!!!

    hugs, cindy

  31. I can't say how much I love this!

  32. Thanks so much for the nice comments!



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