Monday, February 8, 2010

Green Craft: Envelopes made with magazines

I have a stack of old magazines and was trying to think of ways to use them. I'm making a list of magazine crafts - my list so far: envelopes (check), cards (in progress) and gift bows. Do you have any other ideas? Links to tutorials?

Making the envelopes was super easy to do and I've already started making cards to go in them. :-)

Supplies: Envelope template, magazine, scissors, scorer (to score the folds)

I made a template for an envelopes that will fit 1/4 piece of paper - so the cards I will make will be half a sheet of paper folded in half. You can download my template here. I printed it onto card stock and cut it out.
Then I went through my magazines and pulled out pages that I liked.
I put the template on the back of the page and traced it - I did not trace on the side I wanted out the outside of the envelope.
 I had a stack of magazine pages ready to be folded into envelopes.
I used a straight edge and a scorer to score the four fold lines (you can see the fold lines in the template).
First I folded up the two side flaps.Then the top and bottom flap
I put double-sided tape on both of the side flaps and then folded the bottom flap up - making sure that the paper was smooth once it was taped together.
Next you just need to fold the top flap down and you have an envelope. Once you are ready to mail the envelope you can either use double-sided tape or a nice sticker to seal it shut.
When I mail the envelopes I plan on writing or printing the address on a white mailing label and sticking it to the front of the envelope.

Here is the stack of envelopes I made...
and here are some of my favourites.

 I have a coffee problem. Mmm coffee.

Envelope Template


  1. I adore this project. I've made envelopes out of vintage newspaper pages, but haven't ever thought of making them out of glossy mag pages. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to flip through my old mags for some great pages to turn into envelopes.

    P.S. I've linked to this tutorial on my blog.

  2. They turned out great!! Very clever little lady!

  3. This is an amazing idea! I absolutely loved it. I featured this, and your Valentine heart wall on my blog today. Thanks!

  4. I like those! If you run out of ideas for what to do with your old magazines once you've pulled out your favorite ads, pictures, etc., save them for students projects when you are teaching. I can't even express how much I was kicking myself for not saving my old magazines before student teaching...

  5. Oh my gosh these are soooo coool! My daughter makes homemade cards all the time but we never have envelopes.. these are perfect. Your pdf's are great & I appreciate you creating them :)

  6. Love they way they look, they are so funky!

  7. Love, Love, Love this idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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    Im your new follower! I loved ur blog!

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