Sunday, May 1, 2011

Adding closet space

When we moved into our house we knew that the lack of closet space in our bedroom would be an issue. Each bedroom has a tiny closet – not enough for just my clothes. After we moved in N fixed up the closet in our bedroom and changed it from one bar to two bars. Even with that my clothes filled the closet and an armoire in our room; N’s clothes have lived in the guestroom closet since we moved in. 

Since eventually there will be a tiny human living in the guestroom we wanted to try to get all of our clothes into our bedroom. We moved the armoire out of the extra indent of space and moved it to the guestroom.

The plan was to figure out a way that all (or at least most) of my clothes could fit there and N’s clothes could go into our closet. We took measurements and took a trip to Home Depot.
I didn’t want to use the same shelving/bar system as we had in the other closet since there would be two big white tracks going up the wall. We decided on basic brackets and bars.

The first bar is up! 

I wanted to make the best out of this little nook so we decided to put up three bars. This means that the top bar is pretty close to the ceiling but we made sure that it’s low enough for hangers to easily fit and I bought a tiny step stool just in case. I have only used it a few times and can easily reach the hangers to get clothes down.

All done! The bottom bar was cut shorter than the rest so that I can hang my dresses on the middle rack without them hitting the bar below.

All I have left to do is buy a curtain and hang it. I found one I want at Ikea but the last time I was there it wasn’t in stock. Hopefully I can get it soon.

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  1. That looks awesome! I might have to enlist your help for closet expansion at our house someday :)



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