Friday, May 20, 2011

Bean Bag Toss - bean bags!

We have the bean bag board and now we have bean rice bags!

Rice (or beans)
Zip-lock bags (not required)
We wanted to put the rice first in zip-lock bags and then in material so we were sure they wouldn't break. We played a few rounds with just rice in the taped up zip-lock bags and definitely broke a few.  I might have thrown a little overzealous in my need to win. 

N put rice in the bags, cut the zipper off and used packing tape to close the bag and tape it into a square.

Next he cut the material down to size. Since these will be tossed around he doubled the fabric to make them stronger.

he sewed two sides with the sewing machine  and left the top open to put the rice bag in. If you skip the zip-lock bag part you could just leave a small opening and pour the rice into it before hand sewing it shut.

We made five bags in each colour - red, green, blue y yellow.

N hand sewed the open ends....

 ...and we were ready to play!

I won the first round but with only one point so it wasn't very impressive. :-\

After a pathetic first round we moved closer and did much better.


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