Monday, May 16, 2011

Wall art : You + Me and Robots

I saw this print and loved it but wished it came in different colours. I decided to try to recreate it in colours that would go better in my casa and decided on red a gray with a white background.

I made the heart in photoshop, basing it off of the inspiration print.

Then I thought it would look nice to have two smaller frames next to the big one so I went back to photo shop to create two more images.

I randomly decided that robots would be cute (and easy) so I got to work. I created the robots using basic shapes and added a heart to one and a tie to the other. The tie and bow are the only parts that are hand drawn and not made with basic shapes. 
You can get a PDF of the robots here: Robot Girl y Robot Boy

I got them printed at Sir Speedy, put them in the frames that I bought at Ikea and N helped hang them up.


It's nice to finally have wall art up in the basement; now i just need new sofas...:-)

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