Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bunting, Circle Garland y Mini Papel Picado

Mini papel picado!

Fancy paper punch
Card stock
Sewing machine

To go with the papel picado theme I wanted to make mini papel picado for the cake. Since it would be too hard to cut tiny folded tissue paper I decided to just use card stock and a fancy paper punch. 

I punched the pattern around the edges of the card stock. 
And then cut the paper into 1 inch strips.
Then I cut that into 1 1/2 inch rectangles. I sewed them together, tied the ends to chopsticks and put it on the cake.

Bunting and circle garland!

Paper (cut into circles or triangles)
Sewing machine

To make the house more festive I wanted to make some simple bunting and circle garland to hang in various rooms.
First I cut out the shapes. I made three kinds.

I cut out triangles for bunting...
...and circles for the circle garland. For this I did two styles - some with random sized circles and some where the circles were all the same size.
Then I got to work sewing them together. I measured some areas to see how long I needed the strand to be. As I sewed the circles I didn't space them all equally apart because (especially with the random sized circles) I thought it looked neat to have them randomly spaced. For the bunting I tried to keep them evenly spaced. That didn't always work out but it still looks nice.
Done sewing! (I spread the sewing out over a few nights - I'd sew a few strands each night so I wasn't trapped in the hot craft attic for an entire noche).

Ready for the party!
Random sized circles.



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