Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday banner

I wanted to make a Happy Birthday banner for the fiesta and kind of made this up as I went. I think it turned out marvelously. I am going to keep the "Happy Birthday" part for future use (along with all of the other decorations we made of course) and I'll be giving my mom the "Gayle" part of the banner.

Circle cutter (or template)
Hole punch

Using the same font as other party decorations (Sala de fiestas) I first printed the letters out on coloured card stock. I spaced them out so there would be enough room to cut circles around them.

I cut out 4 inch circles around each letter and then 5 inch circles of plain card stock. Next came cutting out the diamonds in each letter - I didn't trust my caffeine addicted shaky hands so N was entrusted to cut them out.

I used a 1/8" whole punch and punched two holes on a plain 5" circle. Then I used this as a template and punched holes on all of the plain 5" circles.

I bought the cheap 50 cent ribbon at Michaels - blue, 1/8". I threaded it through the holes of all of the circles (I did each word separately)

Then I used double-sided tape to tape on the letters. 

 A close up

Done and ready to hang. 

Hung up for the party!
(we actually had it hanging on the garage by the streamers and balloons but I wasn't able to get a photo of it before the decorations were taken down so I just hung it on the fence later for a photo)



  1. wow!! such a gorgeous, simple tutorial.. I Loved the idea of this banner and will surely try it sometime.. Thanks for linking in.. :-)

  2. Great idea. I simply love your fence, the color and the fact that its so rustic!

  3. Thanks for all of the nice comments! :-)



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