Friday, June 10, 2011

Candle Wraps y Water Bottle Labels

Using the same papel picado images from the invite I got from Aesthetic Nest's Fiesta Forty party I made water bottle labels and candle wraps.

Water bottle labels!

Labels, printed on regular paper
Water bottles

You can get a PDF of the water bottle label here. If you want the original file so it can be edited, let me know and I'll send it to you.

We never drink bottled water (we have plenty of reusable water bottles - Sigg, Kleen Canteen, etc) so I figured we'd make use of the bottles of water we'd gotten free with our grocery delivery and use them for the party. We also had plenty of iced water in pitchers for people to refill their bottles. 

Because I'm party crazy I thought it'd be fun to make labels for the water bottle. I took the labels off of the bottles and measured one. Then I just used the papel picado images and the words Fiesta Fifty to design a label. I printed them on regular paper and cut them down to size.
Then I just wrapped the label around the water bottle and tapped the edge.
The custom water bottles were a hit at the party and were very quick and easy to make. 

Candle wraps!

Candle wraps (printed on regular paper)
Battery operated tealight candles

You can get a PDF of the candle wraps here. Let me know if you want me to send you the original file if you want to edit it.

Another quick and easy craft I did was make candle wraps for battery-operated tealights (like the Christmas and Valentine's Day ones I made). I used the same font (Sala de fiestas) and papel picado images.
I cut the paper down to size (I measured one of the candle wraps I had made before to get the sizing).
And then I just wrapped the paper around the candle. N helped me with this part.
Candle off v. Candle on
I used these throughout the house - some near the wet bar, on end tables in the living room, etc.

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