Thursday, June 16, 2011


N made us another lawn game! He did all of the hard work (cutting, drilling, etc.) and I stained the pieces.

Kubb, a Swedish lawn game, is really fun and easy to learn . You can even simplify the rules for younger kids (we taught the kids at my mom's fiesta a simplified version and they loved it). 

I won't go into the rules but if you're interested you can visit the wikipedia page or you can watch this video on how to play. The rules we learned were slightly different it's more or less the same way we play.
First we bought a dowel for the tossing batons and 2x4s for the king and kubbs. 
Here are the measurements we used:
1 king: 12 inches tall, width of two 2x4s
10 kubbs: 6 inches tall, width of two 2x4s
6 batons: 12 inches long, 1.75 inch diameter

N cut the wood down to size.
Next two pieces of wood were drilled together for each piece (the king and all kubbs).
We sanded the edges down...
and then I stained the pieces. I stained 5 kubbs red, 5 black and I stained the king black on two sides and red on the other two sides. 
 Waiting for the stain to dry
 All done and ready to play!
 We set it up in our yard and played.
I won the first game! We've played plenty more since we made it - it's great that we can play with just two people or in a larger group.
 We even have a crate that will work perfect for storage.


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