Monday, June 27, 2011

Calendar and Lists

We still use the meal planning menu to plan out our meals each week and I thought it would be nice to also have a calendar and a to do/to buy/grocery list.

I used the same colours, red and grey, and made a calendar and a weekly calendar, grocery/to buy/to do list in photoshop. 

We had three 8x10 black frames handy.
The space right above the garbage can in the kitchen is long and skinny - the perfect spot for the three frames. 
N put in three small nails and I jung up the frames!
And yes...we still have the decorations up from my mom's Fiesta Fifty. :-) Since Nathan's birthday was last week and we knew we were having his amigos over this past weekend to celebrate, we decided to leave most of them up. Now it's time for them to come down.

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