Wednesday, June 22, 2011


N's birthday was on Monday and last week I had the great idea of putting up pegboard in the basement so he could organize his tools.

I didn't get off to a great start and ended up going to a home depot that didn't rent tools (I needed to rent a hammer drill). So I had to quickly drive to another Home Depot and got there just as they were closing. Luckily I had called ahead of time and they knew I was coming so they waited for me. I rented the drill and drill bit and an hour later I drove home with the hammer drill and all of my supplies.

After getting home I realized that this was definitely not a one person job. There was stress. There were tears. I broke down and called N to come and help with his birthday gift. After he came home we started drilling - only to find out that the Home Depot man had given me the wrong drill bit with the hammer drill. The next morning I got to home depot as they opened and politely laid the smack down and did not have to pay for the drill rental.

We rented a new drill after work and worked together (this was definitely not a one person job...) to hang the pegboard.

Pegboard (cut to size @ Home Depot)
2x2s (cut to size @ Home Depot)
A hammer drill
Tapcon concrete screws
Construction glue
First we drilled all of the holes with the hammer drill. We put construction glue onto the wood and put it up to the wall. The construction glue isn't necessary but I was told it would help make sure the wood is secured to the wall.
I held the 2x2s in place on the wall while N drilled through both the wood and the wall at the same time (to make sure the holes lined up). After drilling the holes we put in the screws and moved onto the next piece of wood.
Basically we created a frame that we would later attach the pegboard to.
Then we put up the pegboard and attached it with screws.
Now all of the work on the wall was done!
To the side of the work bench we have a shelf. I thought it would also be a good idea to add pegboard to the side of the shelf. Seeing as we didn't need to use the hammer drill this was very quick and easy. 

We attached the 2x2s and then attached the pegboard.
Sigh of relief. After much stress and me realizing that I can't do everything on my own - we now have the pegboard up! Next we just need to clean up the dust from drilling into the cement and to organize all of our tools!

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